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FIRST TIME VISIT (no referral): You get $10 discount for your first visit


REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM: For each person that you refer you get $20 discount for your next treatment or package, and the person that you refer gets $10 off for that first visit


1. Deep Relaxation ︎| Aromatherapy Massage: Calm and balance - Let us take you through a sensory journey, this treatment incorporates natural essential oils, extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, and roots of aromatic plants, to enhance your psychological and physical well-being. Aromatherapy massage creates a unique experience, it combines the physical and emotional effects of massage with the medicinal and psychoterapeutic properties of plant essences. Relieving stress, tension and anxiety, easing the tight muscles, nourishing and relaxing your body and your mind. This treatment is ideal after a busy and stressful day, week or month

60 minutes - $95
75 minutes
- $115

90 minutes - $135

2. Remedial Massage: Pain and tension management - Remedial massage targets specific muscle tension or chronic pain, finding the reasons behind symptoms, relieving these, with the long term objective of solving the problem. It improves posture and promotes healing. This treatment is ideal for those that prefer a deeper pressure massage 
60 minutes
- $95
75 minutes - $115


3. Hot Stone Massage: Deep muscle relaxation - This treatment uses smooth warm and hot volcanic basalt or lava stones, and aromatherapy to relieve stress and ease muscle tension. Depending on your goals and needs, we might also include marble stones in the treatment

60 minutes - $115 

75 minutes - $135

4. Jade Stone Massage: Balance and harmony - This restoring hot stone therapy treatment incorporates aromatherapy, and heated and cooled noble jade gemstones, a protective stone used to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins. Jade stone massage will help you restore, revitalise, and feel luxuriously incredible

60 minutes - $115 

75 minutes - $135


5. Rose Quartz Stone Massage: Luxurious rose bliss - Unwind, destress, and recharge your body with this aromatic bespoke treatment. This holistic and nurturing massage uses rose quartz stones, a luxurious rose oil blend to melt away tension, created with Australia's noblest ingredients, with specialised massage techniques to balance your mind, emotions, relax your body, pamper your skin and rejuvenate 

60 minutes - $115 

75 minutes - $135

6. Pregnancy Massage: Pregnancy pampering, nurturing life - This relaxing prenatal massage aims to reduce your stress and anxiety, reduce swelling in the arms and legs, increase blood flow, and relieve muscle and joint pain. The treatment can be adjusted according to your concerns, needs, and desired outcomes. *For extra safety, we only provide this treatment after 12 weeks of pregnancy 

60 minutes - $100
75 minutes
- $120


7. Post-Natal Massage: Nurturing, supporting, and empowering - Choose the perfect essential oil blend that your body requires, this post-pregnancy treatment aims to support and nurture you after childbirth. Here we help you with your healing process, post-birth recovery, easing postural discomfort from breastfeeding, improve your sleep quality, and help you balance and return energy to your body

60 minutes - $95 

75 minutes - $115


ADD ONS: Extra 15 minutes ︎| $22 each

1. Face Cleanse: Double cleanse + eye and face moisturisers


2. Foot Bath: Magnesium foot bath with macadamia, or sweet almond, or coconut sugar exfoliation

3. Hair Masque: Massage | Hydrate | Restore


4. Back exfoliation: Macadamia, or sweet almond, or coconut sugar exfoliation, finishing with a hydrating massage

5. The Mix: When you get a series of treatments, you can also choose The Mix Add On, which allows you to rotate/alternate the Add On for each treatment





1. Essential Focus Facial Treatment: Use of Organic Skincare, we customise the treatment depending on your skin type, concerns and goals - Deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation, mask, eye and face moisturisers

30 minutes - $70

2. Hydrating Facial Therapy Treatment: Use of Organic Skincare, we customise the treatment depending on your skin type, concerns, and goals - Deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation, therapeutic face, neck and shoulders massage, here we also include our luxurious jade or rose quartz rollers massage, hydrating mask, scalp massage, eye and face moisturisers

60 minutes - $111


1. Organic Relax: Your choice of Massage (Deep relaxation ︎| aromatherapy, remedial, hot stone or combination) + Essential Focus Facial

90 minutes - $177

2. Advanced Renewal: Foot Bath + Your choice of Massage (Deep relaxation ︎| aromatherapy, remedial, hot stone or combination) + Hydrating Facial Therapy Treatment + Hydrating Hair Masque
2 hours - $229

3. Rejuvenate: Foot Bath + Your choice of Massage (Deep relaxation ︎| aromatherapy, remedial, hot stone or combination) + Back exfoliation + Hydrating Facial Therapy Treatment + Hydrating Hair Masque
2,5 hours - $279 


MASSAGE WORKSHOPS FOR COUPLES: visit our Workshops page






  • Series of 4 Treatments (Massage/Facials/Combined Treatments) 7% DISCOUNT

  • Series of 5 to 10 Treatments (Massage/Facials/Combined Treatments) 12% DISCOUNT



Give the gift of wellness, either for massage, facial treatments, combinations of these, workshops, or even for a specific amount. E-Vouchers can be requested by sending me an email, or a text message 0457 819 485. In this case, I will send you an E-Voucher, or digital voucher. (Please include, the treatment/service or the amount, who is this for, the email you want this sent to, and who it is from. Also you can include a short personalised message).

Or when you are coming for a treatment, you can also get hard copy Gift Vouchers at the studio.



1. Late arrival: Time for your appointment has been allocated for you. Late arrival may result in a shortened session time in order that we can accommodate appointments following yours.


2. Late cancellations or missed appointments: Late cancellations and missed appointments exclude others from receiving treatment, and inconvenience the therapist and other waiting clients. If less than 24 hours given, the full consultation fee will apply, or correspondent treatment in your package.***We may, however, exercise our discretion in cases of emergencies and circumstances outside your control. 


3. Cancellations: We know all about it, life happens! So if you need to cancel your appointment, change your treatment or reschedule, we must be notified at least 24 hours prior to your treatment.


*To reschedule or cancel your appointment send us an email to or text 0457819485.

Tension is who you think you should be.

Relaxation is who you are -  Ancient Chinese Proverb